About Us

Sample_Patents_Page_6Like many IP specialists, we prosecute applications, provide legal opinions and prosecute appeals and post-grant proceedings.  Several aspects of our practice, however, make us unique.

First, we work on a fixed-fee basis.  This enables you to calculate a budget you can rely on, and eliminates the uncomfortable billing surprises which may accompany hourly-rate fees.

Second, our focus on the pharmaceutical industry gives us an unusual degree of familiarity with FDA and managed markets functions, and how these impact IP strategy.  Thus, clients like our results. This site shows some of their stories, to help you get a feeling for what we love to do.

Third, we are creative.  We have pioneered the use of IP to resolve non-IP legal disputes as diverse as breach of contract disputes and deceptive advertising prosecutions.  We even offer a CLE course on this; to learn how to apply, Contact Us.