Fixed Fees

We charge fixed fees because our industry expertise enables us to predict costs reliably.   And while our fixed fees are not cheap, they are far less expensive than cheaper alternatives.  Here’s an example of why:

Abbot Laboratories’ Indian affiliate developed an antibiotic oral tablet combining cloxacillin and cefixime.  The product was wildly successful, prompting them to pursue a U.S. patent on it.

The application, however, encountered difficulty because this product combines two old antibiotics, and simply combining like components for their prior art use is prima facie obvious.  Thus, perhaps not surprisingly, the U.S. Patent Office repeatedly rejected the application (Serial No. 11/013110).  Thus, after filing several RCEs and nine (9) Amendments, the applicant had not yet won a patent.

The applicant, however, became involved in infringement litigation (read this back-story here) and thus needed allowance urgently.  We were called in to help.

We reviewed the file, identified the problem, and calculated a fixed fee to address it.  While the fee quoted may have been a good bit higher than the client was used to paying, the client decided to give us a try.

Their decision paid off handsomely.  We were named new attorneys on July 10th.  We then met with the Examiner to explain how combining cloxacillin and cefixime is not obvious.  The Examiner found our new approach convincing: on August 21st, The Patent Office issued a Notice of Allowance.   Notice_of_Allowance

This is why our fixed fees are not cheap, but they are often the least expensive alternative.  While our work may perhaps be more expensive than you are used to paying, it is less expensive than paying for years of ineffective work.

Would you like to give our fixed fees a try?  If so, Contact Us.