Having a difficult time convincing the Patent Office to grant your patent?  Perhaps we can help.  Our fresh set of eyes have quickly resolved long-standing prosecution delays on innovations as diverse as finished dosage formulations, new labeling indications, combination products and biological products.

Increase rhGH expression with an optimized expression plasmid

Having a difficult time with a competitor’s earlier-filed, conflicting application?  We may be able to help with this, too; our clients have found that our careful workmanship may compensate for months – or even years – of filing date handicap.  Because this both gets a patent and prevents a competitor from getting a blocking patent, we call this “F2O Prosecution.”

While we limit our practice to healthcare, within that industry we cover technologies as diverse as gene therapy, insurance reimbursement software, diagnostic algorithms, biotech, small-molecule manufacturing and devices.  To learn more, glance through our portfolio of sample patents in various technologies, and our portfolio of sample trademarks for various products.

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